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The HLF Project – COMPLETED!

Life in the Rothschild village of Wingrave with Rowsham in the 1800s”

In November 2013, the Association was awarded a grant of £20,900 by the Heritage Lottery Fund to undertake this research project, scheduled to take 3 years. In the event, an extension of time was granted until 31st May 2017.

It is with a mixture of pride and relief that the Association is able to announce that it reported to the Fund that the project had been delivered by 28th April 2017. It submitted a detailed Evaluation Report together with a Completion Report and Request for Final Payment.

The response of the Fund, conveyed by Senior Grants Officer, Michelle Roffe was as follows:

Well done on completing the project and for producing a thorough evaluation report. It is also nice to see the notes that were provided to the groups to give them support on producing the booklets and exhibitions. The Fund’s logo stands out on the front covers of the booklets very well and I expect I will use it as an example to other grantees of how to correctly acknowledge our grant.

Highlights of the project were the staging of five exhibitions by the working groups. Rowsham led the way with two exhibitions at Sunnyhill Barn.  The Cat Street, Nup End and Enclosure groups took it in turns to display their research material in the Methodist Church at Wingrave, all with good attendances.

By way of creating a permanent record, each group was also charged with the task of producing a booklet, which proved to be more demanding and time-consuming than anticipated. However, the outcome is that 4 books rather than booklets have been published. They are of high quality with many supporting pictures charts and maps and they are now available for purchase from the Association’s online shop. Bargains are available for multi-purchases!

As a Committee, we wish to congratulate and thank all the members of the working groups for their sustained efforts and initiatives to make the most of the material they unearthed. We suspect that they in turn will wish to express their appreciation of the help and support they have received from Prudence Goodwin, Wingrave’s premier historian, and to give credit to Robin Moat for creating and master-minding the project with the backing and encouragement of his hard-working management team throughout the period of the project.

Now that the Fund has formally closed the project, the Association is able to pause for breath and to concentrate on preparing a future programme of events which reflect the wishes of the membership.

(RPK – 02/06/2017)